New Book by Dr. B Unlocks the Hidden Power of Herbs and Spices

Spice For Life book by Dr. Ed Bauman and Sheila Moorthy

I am super excited to announce the release of Spice for Life: Self-Healing Recipes, Remedies and Research.

This project has been three years from conception to delivery, and the journey has included travels to Costa Rica, India and Thailand. My earlier trip to Bali some years ago to study Jamu, the traditional medicine of Indonesia, was another important antecedent.

My love of culinary and medicinal herbs goes way back to the 1960’s, when I cut my naturopathic teeth on books and personal study with doctors and teachers. Some of these include:

  • Henry Biehler, author of Food is Your Best Medicine
  • Bernard Jensen, author of Nature Has a Remedy
  • Paavo Airola, author of How to Get Well
  • Michio Kushiauthor of Book of Macrobiotics
  • Ann Wigmore, author of Be Your Own Doctor
  • Adele Davis, author of Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, and
  • Jethro Kloss, author of Back to Eden
  • William LeSassier, Naturopathic Doctor, Christos School of Natural Medicine

In addition to these influences, I had been reading and using cookbooks such as Laurel’s Kitchen, Mosswood Cookebook, and a whole-food. organic makeover of the Joy of Cooking, that we implemented at Home Comfort Restaurant in Greenfield, MA in the early-to-mid 1970’s. In the immortal words of Mary Hopkin, with food lines added by Dr B:

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they’d never end; 

We’d sing and dance forever in a day. 

We lived the life we choose, we’d eat and never snooze, 

‘Cause we were young and knew no other way.

To bring the idea for Spice for Life: Self-Healing Recipes, Remedies and Research to form, my co-author and esteemed colleague Sheila Moorthy has collected research to prove the point that spices truly heal. We have drawn upon recipes from her family in India and her love of Ayurveda and global food and healing systems.  Our intention has been to create a book that combines art and science, beauty and practicality, ancient and modern wisdom, along with love and inspiration, motivate folks of all ages and backgrounds,  to return to the kitchen to cook memorable, life-sustaining meals. 

We aim to empower the reader to prepare meals  that not only taste great, but also foster enhanced metabolism, vitality and self-healing. 

My beloved wife, Chris Bauman, has gone above and beyond expectations by designing and shooting 93 original photos of the spices and mouthwatering recipes that we have created. Her artwork alone makes this book a kitchen table or living room centerpiece. I want to also give a  shout out to master herbalist, nutritionist and integrative medicine colleague, Donnie Yance, for adding a brilliant Preface.

We have selected 10 key spices that you can use on a daily basis to enliven your meals and your health. These include:

Cooking with the power of turmeric and other spices

Each is wonderful in its own right. When you blend 3 or more of these together, a symphony of flavor emerges to enhance both the nutritional value and the digestibility of any food you prepare. Spices heal by sending powerful messages to your digestive, nervous, immune, and hormone systems that nature is entering your cells, and toxins are about to be flushed out.

I suggest that each person include spices to the degree to which they enjoy the flavors. Some people like quite a bit of pepper or garlic; while for others, that amount would be too aggressive and irritating. Our modern palates are most happy with sweet, salty, and some sour taste. Healing spices typically are more pungent, bitter and aromatic. As such, adding fresh or dried spices to your food is a learning process to teach your taste buds to appreciate subtle nuance and new flavors. 

Spice for Life can serve as  your go-to handbook for gaining new knowledge on herb and spice botany, nutrition, plant medicine, culinary art and cultivation. I realized the power of cooking with spices over fifty years ago, when I left the mainstream culture, bought an organic farm, learned to cook on a wood stove, and eat, live and teach natural food and holistic health.

Today, with our world changing so rapidly, learning to grow, source, cook and share healing foods is even more powerful and important now than ever. I hope that Spice for Life: Self-Healing Recipes, Remedies and Research reaches people across the globe ready to take responsibility to complete a circle of life. Life is a single, self-sustaining cycle from the sun to soil, water to plants, micro-organisms to animals to humans living in harmony, creating a peace within and around us.

We support the life cycle when we connect one person, one bite, one day at a time, and then share nourishment and fellowship with family, friends, colleagues, and companies to create a culture of well being. Now is the perfect time to spice up the world, together! You can download your free, 70-page sample HERE, or click the bold text to grab your own copy of Spice for Life.


Dr. Ed Bauman, April 28, 2020

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