Our job is to disrupt the drivers of disease and replace them with the drivers of health, harmony and well being.  

The commercial degradation of our soil, air, water, food, and information has compromised our personal, social and planetary life force. It is tragic to see our fellow humans, flora, and fauna suffering from a disease that minimally existed 50 years ago: cancer, autoimmunity, food, chemical sensitivity, and neuro-degeneration. We can (and must) reverse this toxic tide with the clean, conscious choices we make and how we connect with one another on a daily basis. 

Planetary wellness education is the pivot of which the world balance hinges.

When people hear the truth, they resonate with it. They act on it. They see how they were misguided by exploitive mega-corporations who profit from sickness and dependency. The wakeup call comes when one is asked to account for why they eat devitalized processed food when there is fresh, seasonal food within reach. Healthy friends pose the accountability question to unhealthy ones: Why do you do that when you know it is self-destructive and degrading to the environment? When mindless behavior is replaced with mindful choices, change happens immediately.  A state of self-empowerment happens when a global value is affirmed by a personal choice. Paper or plastic? Neither thanks! Being accountable to self, others and to the living creation detonates lifelong comfort conditioning, media saturation, addictive coping, narcissism, and a ‘whatever’ attitude. 

This valley of despair is changed immediately when a mentor appears offering a lifeline to sanity and healthy living.

We are all searching for our footing on the slippery slope of now and shaky ground of being. No one totally escapes feeling some degree of trauma from the local and world news; mass murders, corruption, climate change, threats, large and small to our survival. Do we take this into our emotional body? No. It is a sick part of our human family, that calls for attention and love. We take radical personal and social action by seeing the harm as a crime against life. This is an aberration, albeit a prevalent one. We invoke our heroes and heritage to wage peace, not war. We do not accept the decline and fall of the empire or of our physical, mental or collective body. We amplify our practice of well being alone and within our families, work and social groups. We learn how to disrupt the drivers of disease.  

Regeneration is amplified by being connected to a community that joins together to learn how to live well.

The world situation is far from hopeless as we have been told by so-called authority figures paid to communicate that to us. Our medical providers are far too quick to say that a condition is terminal; you need drugs to tolerate discomfort and displeasure, more of a distraction with side effects, than a cure where the roots of a complex problem are unearthed. 

Daily wellness practices are good for everyonefor all people, young or old, well or ill, at home and at work. 

Let’s bring delightful food and healing art practices to children before they become drug dependent or violent. By age 16, 46% of children have a chronic health problem (CDC). Over 80% of disease comes from poor diet and lifestyle: stacking up decades of being overstressed, undernourished, sedentary, toxic and lacking meaningful community. 

The Bauman Wellness Recipe for Regeneration can be broken down into 5 wellness practices.

Each wellness practice is to be practiced daily to create a result that is greater than the practice of anyone without the other. Dr. Bauman administers a Wellness Practice Survey to clients and groups to indicate in which area they are strong and in which area they need to work on to elevate their energy level, clarity, and resiliency. The five areas of well being are: 

  1. Eating for Health
  2. Balanced Lifestyle
  3. Mindfulness Practice
  4. Collaborative Communication
  5. Spiritual Practice/Service

Bauman Wellness provides time tested, evidence-based wellness education to individuals, companies, and teams.

Dr. Bauman’s unique approach is to teach people how to think, and not what to think; how to make conscious diet and lifestyle choices, and work on their inner game to achieve optimal performance. He teaches powerful physical and mental exercises to strengthen and align body, mind, and spirit that stimulate intelligence, innovation and natural energy.  Wellness practices save time and money and enable a person to spend far less on drugs, supplements and therapy sessions. Dr. Bauman connects people to their higher self and inner healer, so they can know what to do rather than relying on so-called experts or the flavor of the month diet, health product or healing device. Self-care is health care.

Bauman Wellness offers a unique NeuroBiome Assessment.

The assessment has been created to help people understand how what is going on in their gastro-intestinal tract influences their brain and nervous system. We have 10 times more microbial DNA than human DNA. The microbiome terrain is directly responsible for health promotion disease prevention and reversal. The NeuroBiome Assessment delivers a comprehensive map of body systems, toxins, food sensitivities, and nutrient needs. Once completed, Dr. Bauman sends recommendations for a customized metabolic tune-up from your assessment.

Grace at the Cellular Level

 “I see people who have abused their bodies for decades. Just give a pause. Do a couple of short term fasts, give yourself a break, give the immune system a break, get away from chemicals, grow your own food, just make these simple little decisions. And suddenly decades of damage is reversed in hours, weeks, and months. That’s grace at the cellular level.” (Zach Bush, MD) 

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  • Char valdez says:

    The reminder that our earth is depleted and so are our bodies is an important one. The message that we can course correct easily happily and healthfully is priceless. 🙏

  • Well put Dr. Bauman! Especially love this line: “A state of self-empowerment happens when a global value is affirmed by a personal choice.” One of those values is respect for food, cooking and the kitchen, which empowers us to make food choices that are regenerative rather than destructive.

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Dr. Edward Bauman M.Ed., Ph.D., is an internationally renowned Holistic Health and Nutrition pioneer. His field expertise in health education spans more than 40 years. He has been shaping and sharing the radical notion of the experience of wellness since 1969 with his “seed to cell to society” holistic nutrition innovations.