Team Health Building During the Holidays

We have all seen it: employees take more sick days during the holidays, productivity plummets, the focus is scattered between parties and celebrations, time off, extra vacation, and online shopping. Stress mounts as people feel pressure to meet all their holiday obligations, which adds up to less time spent working. According to a survey from CareerBuilder, about half of employees admit to holiday shopping online while at the office. Another study, by the Institute for Corporate Productivity, found that 62 percent of companies experience a big dip in workplace productivity during the holiday season. 

Here are some Tools for Team Health Building during the Holidays: 

  • Bosses: Set a Wellness Example. Leadership is the key to company culture. Bring a bright and caring tone to your work each day. Communicate with people individually and by the department to set the realistic end of year goals. Remind folks to take optimal care at this time of year when people are most prone to exhaustion and are vulnerable to injury, infection and a flare-up of chronic health programs
  • Keep the sweets out of the office. Discuss with your team what will best fuel them during this season.
  • Have healthy tea and spiced cider on hand as an alternative to coffee and soda.
  • Encourage a Recharge. The holiday season is a great time to encourage your employees to take some much needed time to recharge. 
  • Be Flexible. In addition to offering employees time off, consider offering employees flex schedule options. You could allow employees to work remotely during the holidays. This will allow employees the flexibility to take care of personal holiday goals. This will also give them the option to be productive for work during hours they are not usually at the office.
  • Host a S.O.U.L. Food Party. S.O.U.L. is an acronym for seasonal, organic, unprocessed and local. By purchasing or preparing top-quality, delicious healing foods, and sharing recipes, your team will share the experience of eating this together to build health and energy.
  • Share Gratitude Together. Create the time and space at your meetings and parties to talk about what is meaningful and gratifying about working together.
  • Add company wellness to your mission for the coming year and invite Dr. Bauman to work with your team to set goals, and teach the five wellness practices to create Optimal Performance for each person and for the company as a whole.
  • Share with your team and colleagues the Bauman Wellness Holiday Healing Secrets video to flip the switch from holiday burnout to enhance holiday self-care and optimal performance.


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