A Unifying Theory of Health and Disease

Ed Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D.

In physics, the search goes on to find the one unified theory of how all forces in the universe originate from a single field, a single unifying force. Einstein sought after the “theory of everything” but never quite found it.

Medical researchers search for a unified theory of how disease originates, progresses and can be best be treated. Dr. Keith Nemec, director of Total Health Institute, an integrative medical facility in Chicago, and many others believe that the unifying cause of all disease is inflammation at the cellular level.

Whether a person has fatigue, slow healing wounds, obesity, allergy, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, autoimmune disease, mental illness or Alzheimer’s, it starts with inflammation at the cellular level that alters gene expression causing either

Early cell death translating into a specific organ or gland dysfunction, then the disease cancer stem cell stimulation which fuels cancer cell growth and metastasis.

The disease cannot be resolved by trying to suppress, destroy or remove the symptoms, but rather by investigating the environment that allows the disease to form and changing that. (Nemek, 2017)

If you put garbage on your driveway it will attract flies. If you want to get rid of the flies how many cans of insecticide will you need? The answer is infinite, because no matter how many flies you kill more will come because you have an environment (the garbage) that attracts bugs and enables them to grow.

When you change the environment (get rid of the garbage), nourish and create healthy terrain, flies will go elsewhere, inflammation cools, tissues heal. Dis-ease (pathology) regresses to well being (health/vitality).

All cells need five basic elements to live and thrive.  These are the cause of health:

  • Oxygen in
  • Water in
  • Food in
  • Waste products out
  • DNA protection from oxidative stress (inflammation)

If these are provided, cells function well and reproduce themselves efficiently. Metabolism is robust. Mitochondria generate sufficient energy. Growth and repair occur naturally.

Healthy Aging

For true healthy aging to take place, an equal or greater measure of spiritual food is needed: love, compassion, and service to the community and those less fortunate. This is a salve for the pervasive cultural inflammation that damages the hearts and minds of those lacking in material and spiritual sustenance.

The human body was designed to live well over a hundred years in health, but this can only be achieved when the elements of physical, mental and spiritual are efficiently incorporated into daily holistic practice.

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